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Forbidden Reviews was created by the team members of Books Complete Me and Page Turners BlogBCM and PTB typically focuses on young adult book reviews.  The members of both blogs saw a need to create a site that would focus on the world outside of Young Adult/Teen/Middle Grades/Children's books. When we discovered that both blog teams had similar ideas, we decided to join forces and create a new blog for all things "grown up."  After some serious (and some not so serious) discussion, Forbidden Reviews was born.  The title of the site was a way to tie us back to how we all became friends: through TwilightMoms (yes, we are all Twilight fans),  but we also wanted to imply that this blog offers reviews of books with a little more... bite.  We look forward to offering you reviews of books from a variety of genres.

Find out more about the Forbidden Reviews Team:


Mindy lives in Northern Illinois with her husband, who is also her best friend, and her amazing daughter and son. When she is not working as a Claims Specialist, she enjoys gardening and reading.  If you ask Mindy what her favorite book is, she will tell you her current read is her favorite. She loves books and she especially loves a good ghost story. She will pretty much read everything she gets her hands on, though.  Paranormal is one of her favorites, but Mindy believes a good book comes in all shapes and sizes. (Mindy is also a BCM reviewer)


 I am the SAHM/WAH mom of 2 (3 if you count my husband, LOL): 4 year old son, 3 year old daughter. I have two (old) cats and a neurotic dog.  I love to read (obviously). Mostly paranormal books, YA and adult alike. I will, however, try anything (except maybe non fiction, I am not a huge fan, although I will read it on occasion). When I am not reading, I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening, being outside (when it is warm. I can't stand this cold weather stuff). I am also a book signing addict. If an author that I like to read is on tour, I try to attend all of the signings I can in my area (or those areas up to about 2 hours or so away). Yep, I am a total fangirl.
Recently, I just became a copywriting intern for Spencer Hill Press. It is a total dream come true for me because I have always wanted to work in the book industry, doing anything, and everything... except writing. I will leave that to the professionals. (Kendra is also a BCM reviewer).


I’m a 31 yr old, stay at home mom, to 4 wonderful children. I wanted to keep up with what my preteen daughter and teenage sister-in- law are reading, so I started reading YA Lit. I found out, I love YA Lit, especially fantasy/paranormal romance. I enjoyed reading/reviewing it so much, I decided to start a blog. (Pixie is co-owner of Page Turners Blog)


 I'm a 29 yr old book seller from Illinois. I have a Masters in Public Administration (my undergrad degree was in Political Science with a minor in History) and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I enjoy reading all sorts of books - and have recently enjoyed books by Dianna Gabaldon, JR Ward, Meg Cabot, & Michelle Moran.  I tend to read mostly YA, Paranormal and Historical Fiction, but also enjoy non-fiction as well. Besides reading I enjoy traveling and seeing really old building in Europe and cool places around the US.  If you would like to contact me, please email me at stacey (at) pageturnersblog (dot) com. (Stacey is co-owner of PTB with Pixie)


Nicole and her husband are residents of Idaho with their dog, Koko.  She holds a Bachelor of  Science in Geoscience from Boise State University, and currently works as a Preschool teacher.  She enjoys reading, playing the piano and the violin, and making cards.  Nicole likes to read young adult, religious, science fiction, and "PG-13" romance novels.  (Nicole also reviews for BCM)

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